Monday, 16 May 2011

Guest Post: The Aussies get it... where the bloody hell is Hekia?

The  Australian Federal Government released their annual budget last week, and as one would hope for, the progressive ALP has decided that the best way to return to surplus is through the creation of jobs. Who would have thought. (And they're aiming for 500,000 - nice to have?)

The New Zealand National Party will release it's budget this Thursday, and even though they may claim they're aiming to create more jobs, the devil is sure to be in the detail.

One particular aspect of the Australian budget that readers of this blog may be interested in has been released by Hon. Kate Ellis, the federal Minister for the Status of Women. The Women's Budget Statement is a fantastic read - I highly recommend you take a look, even if just a skim. 

As well as specific new spending ($11.2m for a project to drive gender equality in Australian workplaces for example...) when the Treasurer is clamping down on spending to keep down the deficit; the Minister has taken into considerations other ways the budget will improve the status of women in Australian society. Youth parenting schemes? Yes please!

It will be interesting to spend some time this Thursday to compare the differences in approach between ministers Ellis and Parata. I know who I'd wager is putting more thought into how to use the budget to improve the lives of women...

Patrick Leyland

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