Thursday, 19 May 2011

Friday Round-Up

(Hopefully I can come up with a title for this which alliterates. Can alliteration be a verb? I'll ask Sarah Palin).

The SST Abortion Fiasco

Remember this? Yeah I was hoping to forget as well. But just in case you wanted to see a great range of responses to it:

    The Budget
      I have very little understanding of the actual budget. Mostly because I haven't read it. Also because I took one gen-ed course on economics and slept through most of it. But I do like to know how the budget will affect people. So I did some reading and here are the best bits:

        Other Stuffs
        • A massive Trigger Warning on this post from Sady Doyle at Tiger Beatdown about some rapper I've never heard of who is possibly the most misogynistic sounding dude ever. 
        • A good post on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegations from stargazer at THM.
        • Another good post on the above from Tiger Beatdown.
        • Even though her delivery is a little bit 'I'm-giving-a-speech-to-my-fifth-form-class,' this clip from Feminist Frequency has some interesting stuff to say about the 'Evil Demon Seductress' trope in pop culture. 

          Happy reading!


          1. Thanks for all the linky loving :-)

          2. Absolutely my pleasure :) SO any awesome lady bloggers out there.