Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday (well, it still is somewhere in the world) Round-Up

Apologies for the late round-up, I've been a bad blogger this week (on account of it being the last week of lectures - HELLS YEAH).

Are you sitting comfortably? 'Cause this is going to be MASSIVE.

A Round-Up of Round-Ups

First off, the only post you will need for months, the fabulous 37th Annual Down Under Feminist Carnival, which is essentially a HUGE linkfest of awesomeness, hosted by the wonderful Boganette.* Seriously, I went into little paroxysms of blogger delight at the sight of it, you absolutely must check it out.

Secondly, The Lady Garden has posted their own, slightly less epically proportioned, but still fantastic round-up here (which includes a link to an analysis of a Doctor Who episode, which is about the best thing ever).

The Hand Mirror have posted an excellent collection of links surrounding the Court of Appeal decision on abortion (YEEEEE HAAAAA)  which I was going to post on, but got distracted from by finally getting around to watching Skins.

And finally, some awesome stuff from Octavia's Spitfire Emporium.

On various fails this week

First of all, this great post from my gorgeous friend coleytangerina on the latest fail from Fairfax media about 'men' and 'fashion.'**

Similarly on The Lady Garden, a piece from Tallulah Spankhead (best name ever) on how saying that rape is in 'man's nature' is not only wrong, but a disservice to men.

Yesterday this story appeared on Jezebel, which made me so mad I nearly accidentally screamed out AAAAAAAACK in the middle of a lecture. Thankfully, award-winning author Diana Abu-Jaber has already responded brilliantly to V.S. Naipaul's total fail (and has subsequently been added to my reading list). 

Some other stuff

A great wee rant from Octavia Spitfire about white privilege and progressive politics.

A response from Boganette on the Rihanna video controversy.

An analysis of the coverage of Obama's visit to the UK from stargazer.

Hopefully that'll be enough material to keep you going, especially if you've got exams to procrastinate for.***

*Boganette has recently switched her blog over to wordpress, it's still at, but if you've subscribed via google reader etc, you'll need to re-subscribe. 
**It's not such much about men or fashion, but more about sexist nonsense.
*** Young Labour Women does not in any way endorse procrastination, especially when it comes to exam revision. Unless you'd much rather be procrastinating, or there's something really good on telly. 


  1. Thanks so much for the linky love :) I'm a very big fan of this blog so I feel honoured you'd say such nice things!